Why is pop music considered 'worse' than other forms?

I was in the O2 store recently getting a new contract, and you have to choose a secret question. I chose ‘favourite band’, obvs.

There was a guy on the next table along going through the same process as me but about 2 minutes behind me.

When he got to the same bit he chose ‘favourite band’ too. The lady serving him asked him what the band was, and I kid you not, after a long pause he said ‘I would have to say… myself’. She said he couldn’t have that so after another long pause he chose Muse.

I nearly died trying not to laugh.

Dunno why I’m posting it here. True story though. The TV was there to witness it!


And my favourite album I would have to say… The best of myself


Would also include Reggaeton

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Gasolina by daddy Yankee is a fucking tune actually


Was it Matt Bellamy?


Yeah and it’s great. But it’s not the most nuanced of their ouevre. https://youtu.be/sTPn4Jlrjb0

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I was going to link to Passenger upthread but went for Elite for the lolz

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this seems like the place to throw in a sweeping generalisation, but why is metal so harshly produced? I feel like i could get into it if so much of it wasn’t literally painful to listen to.

most clearly expressed opinions about music are a bit shit really aren’t they?

like “oh the pop music is so soulless, just corporate NOISE and it’s all made on the COMPUTERS” is just like “alright, granddad, steady on”

but then yer hardcore poptimists always seem like they’ve been brainwashed by a cult or something


these days you get arrested and thrown in jail if you don’t like pop music!


i think indie kids who have just discovered pop music are just very very keen for everyone to know about it


Like other posters have said I very much challenge the notion, your honour…It appears to me (and I am far from an expert in these things) that pop is very much en vogue (unlike the time when…erm… en-vogue were pop) and indie is somewhat looked down on…I am quite a big fan of 80s and 90s pop (as a part-time wedding DJ that helps) but being of a certain age its perhaps fitting that I find less to engage with in the modern charts and prefer indie-rock (and jazz, electronica, folk, reggae, gospel etc etc)…that puts me in the uncool camp which is probably where I deserve to be…at least I won’t be the embarrasing Dad trying to be down with the kids…

Scrolled down for 108 sodding posts thinking “hohoho when I post ‘these days you get arrested and thrown in jail if you don’t like pop music’ it’s going to bring the house down!”. Then pipped at the last second. Cest la vie (B*Witched, great pop)


We probably need to start making better use of the sub-genre classification of Just Good Pop Music , so that all the other pop music can languish where it’s meant to, in the Mainstream Pop section.

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Pop isn’t considered worse than other forms of music, but other forms of music that flirt with pop are frequently considered worse than the non-pop-flirting versions of those other forms of music.


Pop punk >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> punk

Discuss that

Pop punk isn’t punk flirting with pop.



Punk with upbeat catchy melodies, but otherwise featuring none of the slick studio production (session musicians, multi-multi-tracking, non-traditional instrumentation (i.e electronic/computer simulated), or just a massive budget dedicated to producing a “commercial” sound) and/or commission-based song-writing that used to be the grounds for dismissing pop.