Why is tea from greasy spoons so much nicer than tea you make at home?


Scientists have been baffled for years


It’s not. They always put too much milk in.


Couldn’t disagree with this more


Senator Obama’s supporters have been saying some pretty mean stuff about Pennsylvannia lately! And you know… I couldn’t agree with him more.


i think you need to get better at making tea



Add boiled (filtered) water to mug that has a teabag inside
Leave for a couple of minutes
Remove teabag
Add splash of milk


it’s got heroin in it


with a greasy spoon


I couldn’t disagree more.


Have never bought a cup of tea when out in my whole life.


It’s easy you say “can I have a tea please” and they get you one.


Actually, have bought for other people. Like my wife on a Saturday night in a pretty rough pub. That always goes down well cheers mate!