Why is there a wave of dog obsession at the moment?

Dogs are in at the moment, I’m sure I’m not just making this up. Everyone is showing me pictures of dogs they like or dogs they’ve purchased.

Have you noticed this?

Because you’re getting older and so the people you know are likely also older and more stable therefore can get dogs?


See also people choosing not to have children.

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Got wave of dog obsession stuck in my head to the tune of wave of mutilation now


Because dogs are great


Also this

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It’s the new bacon!

When you don’t like dogs, the world always seems to be in a state of dog obsession :") prob not gonna go to a gathering tomorrow because there will be 3 dogs (2 of them loud and in-your-face) in a confined space and i can’t deal with it


FTFY (going by the three colleagues who all got dogs recently)

I like dogs from a distance


Sub thread: I feel like thoroughbred dogs with all terrible illnesses are getting way more popular because of social media. My old boss was once saying he was getting one of the lads that can’t really breathe properly and get fucked up spines past the age of about 5, somebody pointed out it’s pretty cruel to breed them and he was just shrugging like “yeah but the Mrs wants one so we’re getting one”.


That’s what I was saying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ha! Thought you meant a wave of people telling everyone they’re not having children (meet loads of them these days)

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People get super defensive about this too. I have fairly strong (and probably controversial) opinions on dog breeds though.

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Also seeing a fair few mates getting dogs because they’ve had children.

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Ah, get you.

Kind of feel like a person who doesn’t plan to have children should be able to forgo getting tax credits for a child and get them for a dog instead.


Being super defensive is good sign that they know it’s wrong, but they don’t really care and just won’t admit it. Their needs come first. In the same way I meet people who are super defensive about using air b’n’b & uber or being buy-to-let landlords.

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Wasn’t @the_dazzled previous avatar a kitten? Just saying.

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Yeah we’ve spoken about this a bit before. The level of suffering varies between breeds (some are fine, some are really not fine) but for the really bad ones it’s basically indefensible and the kennel club are totally complicit and should go fuck themselves as should anyone who continues to breed them.



some dogs ain’t happy about it

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