Why is this not big news?

Because it’s early stage research and needs to be tested against existing desalination stuff.

But it says “graphene” so it gets on the BBC.


Not you.

Didn’t realise you were in cahoots with Big Graphene.

It all makes sense now.


It was actually on the 6 music news this morning. Sounds pretty useful.

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heard about this on the radio this morn Lonzo, i assumed @Epimer would have something to say about it :slight_smile:

Yeah I was going to say this too. Surely that’s the definition of ‘big news’.

Also @anon29812515 why are you linking to BBC.com - are you in a tax haven?

Yeah that is where I heard it… quite far down the news. Then I couldn’t see it on the Guardian.

I’m on a yacht in the Caribbean (naked).

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Endgame: death by crushing weight in whales

no seriously though I heard this on the today programme this morning, sounded like big news to me, but the guy they had on talking about it seemed a bit nonplussed by the idea it was big news so maybe it’s not

The sea is quite big though so we probably wouldn’t need to drink all of it.

If it was big news then surely the world’s largest broadcaster would have something about it on their news page. I’ll go have a look…

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I’ve told you the Guardian have nothing!

(big news is everybody banging on about it not the bit of 6Music news usually dedicated to Bob Dylan Nobel Prize news)

well we don’t need to do a lot of things but we do them anyway. and we wouldn’t just drink it. sounds like if you could turn seawater to freshwater it would mean everyone could have really nice gardens

It would be cool if we could have all our taps and showers and toilet flushes on constantly… none of that pissing about turning them on.

Desalination is already a thing, pals. A big thing. Arid countries use it loads.

This is just an iteration on it that hasn’t been shown to be any better.

Well when I am lost at sea with my graphene filter on my raft I’ll give you a wave with your desalination plant on yours.

(some of) the plants already use membranes/filters. This isn’t a step change.

And as if you wouldn’t be relishing the opportunity to drink your own piss anyway.

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I’ve also got some kitkats and a couple of decks of netrunner on my raft.


You can’t have a wafer-based chocolate bar in a low water supply scenario, that’s madness. You’ll use up all your piss just rehydrating your mouth after a snack.

I’m starting to think you haven’t thought this through properly.