Why? Is touring Alopecia in full


away with work, very sad to miss it


So many UK tours in England these days.


Similarly, so many EU tours that don’t play all 28 member states of the EU.


I’m interviewing Yoni before their Amsterdam show. Any questions you reckon need to be asked?


did his brother really say that?


Confirmed :slightly_smiling_face:


did you hear back about your ticket request, btw? :slight_smile:


That’s what I meant by confirmed :wink:


oh ffs, sorry. when i clicked what you were replying to it took me to the wrong post. i thought you were replying to my reply to ma0sm!

ANYWAY - exciting! i’ll see
you there, hopefully! :slight_smile:


Just discovered that Serengeti is the support act. Do you think they’ll do any songs off Terstarossa together at the end or something?


I do like that quote a lot and have used it before irl


“So, Yoni… Mumps, etc?”


Anyone else going to the Manchester date? Looks like I’m heading up on my own because my mate backed out on moral grounds… (They’re playing a festival in Israel apparently.)


I’m well jel.


That album had some great moments, but its ambition was pretty small after the promise of what had come before. I didn’t like it at the time, but look back on it more fondly now.

The Golden Tickets EP however…


Can you ask him if we could ever have a Hymie’s Basement reunion/tour? Would go to that gig in a heartbeat!


Well, funnily enough, they played at a fundraiser for Alias’s family a little while back, so it’s not entirely unfeasible.

How good would that show have been?


That looks pretty amazing indeed!

I went to a gig at the Scala years ago where Subtle, The Notwist and Fog all played. They were selling limited edition Hymie’s Basement Live albums, which I remember buying off Doseone at the merch stall, who was joking/a bit upset that I wasn’t buying one of his albums. It was so great hearing the songs live on the cd, so to see them myself so would be excellent.


I’ve seen Why? cover 21st century pop song before and it’s not unfeasible that they’ll do it on sat if that helps?


Me, @mr.lady & Yoni Wolf after the interview