Why? Is touring Alopecia in full


And here we are with Josiah Wolf


Did they play anything after Alopecia?


According to setlist.fm they played This Ole King and Crushed Bones for the encore at one of the shows.


Crushed Bones <3

Still, 21st Century Pop Song would be amazing.


That’s what they played tonight! Efficient setlist updating!


Hi I did this today:


Let me know if yer needing a ticket for tonight


Oh bugger me, that’s TONIGHT


All of my live reviews are a bit terrible, but for what it’s worth


It’s really nice man!


9:45 curfew tonight FYI


Love early curfews, wish they also happened in the week, mind.


Ah that’s cool. Any idea of rough stage times at all?


Omg I am SO jealous.


No idea sorry (I’m not going) just saw it on Twitter


holy shit, you guys. i’m very excited


so, last night was fucking incredible


they really nailed it


Great photo! Glad it was a good one!

What was the encore?


same as everywhere else, just a slightly different order:

this ole king
madeline (w/geti, obviously)
crushed bones