Why? Is touring Alopecia in full


Spare Dice ticket for tonight if anyone wants.



Wow. Nice spot.
It was so very good. And the crowd was much less annoying than I thought it’d be. Also, excellent sound I thought. Oh, and really enjoyed the support. Also, was back home in time for MotD :+1:
Great night.

I kept an eye out for you to say hello but I couldn’t see your watermelon casquetted-head. I guess it must be in the wash?


ahhh, man, shame! opted to leave it at home, i’m afraid! :stuck_out_tongue:


Was a great gig, although it would have been perfect if they could have done Gemini or Rubber Traits in the encore.

I didn’t really like Serengeti, but BRNS were a great support act. Seemed like a mix of their country-mates dEUS and My Latest Novel. Will definitely check them out.


Was brilliant. Loved the rearranged “By Torpedo’s Or Crohns” so much.


yeah, that was absolutely beautiful, jesus

amazing photo :heart_eyes:


Nice one @Severed799


Ruined slightly by reading it the way Dennis would say it out loud and coming off as vaguely threatening.






I know it’s the wrong album but “all the people who taught me card tricks are dying” is a lyric that I really love


Been mutter-rapping “sucking dick for drink tickets at the free bar at my cousin’s Bat Mitzvah…” pretty much constantly since Sunday.

Doing that while teaching is a pretty tricky thing…


Here’s the interview @Mr.Lady & I did with Yoni before their Amsterdam show

People say "lean into" a lot these days

enjoyed this, and super, super excited about the possibility of a clouddead boxset at some stage in the future!

geti’s ‘family and friends’ record is great, although i am a bit biased cos i love yoni and am a massive owen ashworth (particularly casiotone) fan as well.

nice work @ma0sm and @Mr.Lady