Why isn’t there a Sunday thread yet?

Here’s one I guess


Having my second coffee, just reading. Bit fed up

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, for one final day


I am also fed up. Slept for like 2hrs. Weird night. Don’t want to do anything today

Bored of January now


Nephew’s birthday today. The olds (nephew’s grandparents) didn’t want to do any indoor mixing so have organised a park picnic for 1pm.

It’s fucking freezing & icy as fuck everywhere and they’ve chosen the park that’s impossible to get to with public transport

So that’s great


Feels like there should be some sort of Hoogy HQ pandemic photo appreciation thread.


I’m wondering what the timelapse looks like by now


My neck seems to swell up and feel really sore a day or two after drinking. Only noticing it more after not drinking for two weekends. But every Sunday after a Friday drinking I’ve had this dull ache/sore in the side and back of my neck and googling says it’s swollen cervical lymph nodes hmm

Morning all!

I’m just up after a weirdly unsatisfactory night’s sleep.

No real plans today but I’m roasting a bunch of colourful veg for tea along with (I think) some kind of lentil nuggets/ muffins/ mini-loaves.

I should probably do some work but I can’t really be bothered.

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Morning folks

Had a lie in this morning but feel worse for it I think.

Going to my mom and dad’s for Sunday dinner.

That is all.

Might make this


Finally had the ballet school staff Christmas party last night. Hangover is fucking real


Look on my works ye mighty and despair.


if you forget to brush your teeth for long enough your body actually starts secreting natural oils to clan them itself

Hanging out with a sleepy baby today. My partner has been arguing with her parents all day yesterday so it’s quite frosty inside as well as out today. I’m purportedly being as positive as possible while trying to engineer excuses to leave the house at every opportunity.

They’re here for 7 more days. :smile:

Tbf her dad is being REALLY annoying so…

I’m feeling 10 times better than I did yesterday, but still full of meh. Might pop out and buy some lucozade in a bit to see if that peps me up at all

Morning. Baby is having a mare this morning, first one for months. She’s asleep now, it only took three fucking hours!

Got friends round this afternoon, and someone picking up something I’m selling shortly, so I can’t even nip out and get snacks for later. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

God, another day