Why isn’t there a Sunday thread yet?

Bed at 1am, awake at 6am and to youngest wetting my bed.
Took eldest for flu shot, then got him nerds and a drink and had a flat white at a new coffee place that was very good. Then the boy stood in dogshit on way home #bandogs
Then the boy has tennis tournament and there is a kid party thing.
Thanks for reading about my life on the internet.

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Anglos angels :innocent:

Read an epitaph for a woman yesterday that said she “patiently suffered a life of pain”. Then this rich guy gets “marvel of erudition”.

Died humble I see.

5 hours to kill on slow trains. Will mostly be eating pistachios . Can we go backwards to Friday again please :pray:


Last day in my job. Sitting in the office and CBA. That red bull I had an hour ago is sitting very badly in my stomach.

I just want to go home. CBA with starting the new job tomorrow either.

Ah well.


Morning all, got a Bolognese in the oven to slowly cook and have done some laundry. Just want to be asleep tbh, urrrg

Found my glasses! (Lost them 2 days ago)

Making egg and beans and toast for brekkie and listening to the No More Nukes record


Solo parenting after silly beers with pals last night. Bubs is currently on an unusually long nap and I’m kinda hoping they keep it up all morning while simultaneously feeling guilty about it

Need to go pick up some more milk for them in a bit, might try and incorporate it into a nice long walk along the seafront if the weather holds

3 hours of home alone time to read my book, bliss :relaxed:

Not sure what we’re doing after that. Really should get out for a little walk but it’s cold and I cba.

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I’ve spent this morning looking for a birthday present for my mam; and I’ve just found this place. Cookery classes run by migrants and refugees. It looks amazing, but I’m now seriously struggling to narrow down which one I want to book us on to.


It’s Brand New White T-Shirt Day ™ for me so I’ll be avoiding red sauce based foods whilst looking after the little uns. Wonder how long until someone is sick on me.

Might buy some fancy beers to ease out of the weekend…


Morning all.

Got an early night last night after afternoon beer festival session with a deep fried calzone for lunch knocked us both for six.

Will be taking the dog for a run in a field shortly, then doing a supermarket shop. May watch a film or so an exit game later.

50 50 on watching the vicky mcclure bomb disposal thing this evening.

Legend! It’s the TV’s birthday soon and this is perfect!


I actually want to die I’m so embarrassed

I basically never use London buses without a travelcard so I got confused and thought you needed to tap out like on the tube and I asked the driver where you could do that and he looked like he wanted to kill me oh my fucking god


Can we just raze London to the ground already please.


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I’m in bed and Misty is like a lil hot water bottle and I never want to leave

But I am a bit hungry

Wish I had someone to bring me coffee and cake :pensive:


Had a pretty busy weekend so far. Went for a bike this morning.

Went up to Maldon in Essex yesterday for a bit of coastal mud walking and birdwatching. Was a lovely day.

Also bought an engagement ring.


been drinking in the park :slight_smile: pretty fun novelty

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Owt for breakfast will save pics for the food thread

There’s a memorial to an Eighteenth Century bishop in - I think - Gloucester Cathedral which includes the line “He taught the gospel for X years without enthusiasm”.

Admittedly “enthusiasm” in those days had a meaning more like extremism does now, but still.


Didn’t realise before that if you put an X in square brackets on here it turns it into a little tick symbol