Why not just boil it?

In this thread we’ll go on about types of food that we might want to start thinking about boiling instead of doing whatever else with it.

The sort of thing you can expect to see panning out (no pun intended) is stuff like people claiming to boil their bacon or maybe we might see someone say that they prefer to boil mushrooms instead of fry them.

Not holding out much hope for it really but let’s see what happens eh.


I boil bread instead of toasting it.

@anon67149139 goes one further and boils toast


A strong start!

Boiled beef and carrots
Boiled beef and carrots
That’s the stuff for your ‘darby-kell’
Makes you fat and it keeps you well
Don’t live like vegetarians
On food they give to parrots
The Wife of mine looks fit and fine
On boiled beef and carrots

scrambled eggs

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful words.

I’ll put a chicken breast in stock if I’m making chicken noodle soup, i suppose that’s boiling it yeah?

(hopefully ‘darby-kell’ isn’t racist!)

I’ll level with you Lonzy, I have no idea what that bit meant

That’s the spirit!

It’s fine!


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Can’t be any worse I guess!

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is this thread for just boiling things in water?

Hmm… It was, but I’m listening…


boiled eggs

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what is your favourite thing to boil in piss?