Why shouldn't you send a comedian to negotiate

Too many cheap jokes

also, negotiation is a complex field that necessitates professionals, specific to each negotiation.

I mean, a comedian might be appropriate for a comedy-specific negotation, but even with the requisite expertise in the field of comedy, they’ll most likely be sorely lacking in negotiating skills.


I dunno, if you’re a stand-up comedian having to haggle over fees and that sortof thing, you might have learned how to deal with the financial side of things.

That said, it’s very much not an overlapping skillset.

Thanks for the tip, @Yesiamaduck!


excellent point - certainly comedians who have extensive experience ‘going it alone’

I think @Yesiamaduck is right to start this conversation, though. food for thought.


Not sure on this to be honest. A skilled comedian manipulates the expectations of their audience to deliver a desired emotional response at the delivery of the punchline. Arguably not that different to a skilled negotiator manipulating expectations to deliver a desired emotional response at delivery of a critical ask in the negotiations. It depends very much on the pliability and dryness of the other party, but in a sales negotiation being able to relax the customer with appropriate humour is a definite advantage.

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Never send a baby bird to negotiate.

They’re too cheep.

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The jokes workshop thread and/or dad jokes thread is right there

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Why doesn’t a compact Nissan SUV retain its value?

Too many cheap jukes.

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I mean I’m really not one to talk but…

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Why should you steer clear of SUVs if you want a car that can accelerate quickly?

Too many Jeeps choke