Why was he not shot instantly?

Once again we’re the laughing stock of the world.

at least it wasn’t that really handsome gorilla


That gorilla is pretty intense. I went to a London Zoo nights thing last year, and Kumbuka properly charged the glass and smashed into it, it was fairly terrifying. Then it sat in front of the glass, picked a scab of it’s knee, and ate it.

There’s some great (heavy-handed) satire to be had here - something to do with Farage comparing Trump to a silverback this week. I’ll workshop it this afternoon.

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poor fucking gorilla, I say. beautiful beast with a beautiful mind cooped up for its entire life

fuck this shit


hahahaha. funny as fuck, man!!!1

My ex used to do this

Probably should have let her out of her enclosure then.


gonna go there

probs not a great idea to have gorillas in zoos in the first place. the gorillas currently residing at zoos ought to be launched into space as soon as possible.


I’m not always a fan of people being evasive in interviews but the zoo representative was quite good this morning, he kept saying things like “gorillas are glorious animals!”.

and another thing, we all enjoy walking around with our knuckles on the floor and banging our chest occasionally don’t we? (pretending to be a gorilla)

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“Wild? I was absolutely livid.”

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All for five litres of undiluted blackcurrent cordial.


He must’ve been wired

He ate 5 babybels without unwrapping them afterwards

Sounds like a very sweet(toothed) gorilla.

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‘You didn’t tell me you were friendly with Raymond…?’