Why why why must it be Monday?

Another week. Fill the thread with your daily tales of woe

I had thought of going into the office today, but I got a massive case of the CBAs, so I’m WFH instead

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Have the opening-inbox-dreads for some reason

Probs have to do quite a bit today

Gig later on but seriously cba, I’d happily lay on the sofa at 5 and call that a day

stay strong everyone


Gosh I’m dozy. I nearly copied the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: into an email.

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 06:34 17:45 11:11:07 +4:07
Brighton 06:34 17:49 11:14:39 +3:50
Glasgow 06:56 18:01 11:04:46 +4:38
Manchester 06:45 17:55 11:09:45 +4:14
The Beer Factory, Devon 06:48 18:04 11:15:37 +3:46
Newcastle 06:44 17:51 11:06:39 +4:29
Cardiff 06:47 18:01 11:13:32 +3:56
Belfast 07:01 18:09 11:07:31 +4:25

Great days for :scotland: GLASGOW :scotland: (again!) and :wales: CARDIFF :wales: for breaking the 6pm mark! Solid work.


In other news: got a morning full of meetings, then heading to Sheffield. Got a day of meetings there tomorrow, but have for a work social tonight. Playing shuffleboard, apparently.

Where bounce you going? Picture house social?


Yes that’s the one I think!

2 day week then on holiday on wednesday, deffo need the break

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Just had my breakfast and the dog has made himself comfortable on my lap

Eyes and nose continue to be knackered from the hayfever.

Gonna take wee furry animal for a spin shortly and then that’s about it for my plans for the day.


I’ll be walking or cycling past there twice this evening!


London: currently underground on the Underground

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This came round quick again eh

Objectively have an ok looking work day , plus therapy at lunch and yoga after work which is all good. Got a right cob on though. Really not in the mood today at all

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Hey. Off today with the kiddo. Got…

  • Engineer coming out about the washing machine between 9-1
  • Plumber coming out for some bathroom bits between 1-6
  • A delivery I’ve rescheduled twice already (beer wankery bits)
  • Phone docs about getting stitches removed

Plus tidying up after getting back late yesterday and dumping all the bits from the car in the hallway.


RIGHT?! Omg. Team Ariana forevs.

Morning. Standard Monday for me. Taking daughter to playgroup, buying bits for lunch, chazza shop trawl this afternoon.

Partner’s just handed his notice in as he’s been offered a new job working for Shelter which is just so flippin’ good, he’s been looking for ages and he’s been so unhappy in his current job for years. So that’s very nice.


In the office already. Slept like shit, as is the norm on Sunday nights for me now. Massively cba.

Yesssss PM!


I’m in SHOCK!!! I can’t get over it?! I’m on Instagram all the time waiting for fresh news :eyes:

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Yay, go PM

Shithouse week coming up. Couple of different businesses have quite significant deadline, and in particular for my day job, which has a major team member now off sick. Gonna be a tired xylo - tilo.