Why'd my dad vote leave?



Dads are such fucking let downs




Erectile dysfunction


Dads eh? Always taking back control when your back’s turned, the cheeky wee scamps.


My dad didn’t FWIW


My dad did, to ‘teach Cameron a lesson’. Hate him slightly for it.


My old man voted remain. Pretty sure he’s going to vote Tory though. Alas.


Although he occasionally gives cause for concern, he voted remain and I quite often see him slagging off Brexit, Brexit voters and the Tories on Facebook. Top dadding.


Ask him


Will of the people son


I have no memory of mine.

I win in one sense, but lose in not having all of that dad privilege (which is an ethical win).


love is bigger than politics.

This is probably going to be the last year any of us will see, there is no room for hate anymore x


As if to prove my point that all Dads are let downs - I just received a voicemail from mine which was him pocket dialling me while he had a piss.


My dad is a disappointment for a million reasons, but at least he’s not a leave voter or a Tory.


My dad would have voted Remain and if he was eligible to vote on this one, Labour.


Hope you all have better reasons than this to hate your parents.


My dad was LD for years until the coalition situ decked it hard. I was super worried that he’d head right(er) out of misguided disenfranchisement but he’s so oddly protective of my wife and her family as Europeans that he’s now gone full pro-EU solid-but-not-commie left awesome


Left when I was 8 to pursue an affair, rarely sends so much as a birthday card while maintaining regular contact with my sister, I travelled 8,000 miles to where he lives and he ignored my calls and emails until after I had flown back. That good enough?


I’m very sorry about that and I’m going to assume that you don’t really believe that not voting Tory justifies that.