Whys everyone nice all of a sudden


Ridiculous behaviour, only reason I fucking joined was because of the MBPH nme debacle, could never happen in this atmosphere

I’ll just fart in here until it’s toxic


I’m sure once everyone has settled in and are comfortable using the boards, it will start to descend into chaos.



Stupid cunt


Fuck off, mate.



  • FUCK
  • YOU

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honeymoon period
you cunt


^ this bellend is spot on


it’s all bright and new and no-one wants to spill anything.


get bent


Hai pinkyboo! :heart:


can someone continue my good work in the Who the Fuck Are You? thread. It’s blocked me from doing more than 10 replies.


I’m always nice.


decided its bc the old forums encouraged arguments with the nested replies


Everyone used to be pissed off with the very action of booting up the old broken forum. So by the time you’ve
• logged in and been logged out a couple times,
• written a couple of posts which were lost when you clicked the ‘post’ button,
• and another one with an embarrassing typo you can’t remove…

…you’re already a little pissed off.

Add in having to
• manually click and open in new tab for any image or youtube links,
• add in your own emphasis on your plain text,

You get it, annoyance increases. Then,

• Manually checking back to see if anyone’s replied.
• You did get a reply, but they were ripping the piss out of you. For that fudging typo you couldn’t edit out.
•There’s 15 usernames, fully visible and taking up a fair bit of room on the page visibly ‘thissing’ the person ripping the piss outta you.
•As the threaded reply progresses, it disappears into the side of the page until

= entire life on Dis. The one day we accidentally had embedded images literally went down in Dis History.

It works now. We’ll be happy indefinitely now*



the snide ones are doing their ‘old forum squat’


In that thread there is literally someone getting nostalgic about one of the things I complain about in my list of annoying things ^. If only it were more difficult to use and unruly! God I miss that horse that would buck me off every time I went to ride it. He was so good.


HTMLhell was fun tho


I like all those things.

The flaws are part of what make it imo

I’m sorry but this just isn’t DiS


The people make Dis. It’s simply a gathering of people. The hurdles we overcame in order to communicate basic text messages to each other define a certain level of resilience, but other than that, the people remain unchanged.

This platform emphasises our unique personalities a little more, which is preferable to the slight Ood element of Old Dis.


With this place, it’s HTMLHell every day.