Widdling Weddo

Want something tasty for breakfast.

Don’t have much to do today. Need to get out on the bike but hope it doesn’t monumentally pour again.

Wuu2 Huns? xoxo

Pulled a muscle in what I think is my abdomen whilst still in bed. Dunno if I overdid it with the ol downward dog press-ups yesterday.

Working today.

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Morning all.

Heading into work for the first time since lockdown. Just really going for a few hours to see the layout of my classroom and get up to speed on health & safety procedures. Need to speak to someone about a collaborative project.

Back to WFH once I get home again though.

Morning all. Debating as to whether to include a short Wayne’s World clip in the training I’m preparing.


Is it the one about ripping your boss’s heart out?

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“well, the world’s a twisted place”

Nah, it’s just a very short bit, just after Wayne has come up with a plan to get Cassandra back. He says “we’ll need help” and then all the random characters (plus the policeman) say “WE’LL HELP!” in chorus


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


y’know, i have heard it called that before.


hi squad, hope you’re all well. i’m tired. cba. not got much on today, a few bits of work and the kid’s schoolwork, and maybe get out in to the street for a bit. same as every fucking day, tbh.

got a belter of a thread planned just you wair

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Did a park beers last night - next time I need to pick a park with more secluded spots to have a wee cos the concept falls apart for me otherwise

Want to do a bike but I’m waiting for a delivery, hopefully get out later

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Morning all woke up in a really good mood probably being off with the lad helps. This morning he chose Goodbooks - Control to listen to so heavy 2007 vibes in the house this morning.

i’d absolutely include it :+1:

Have nothing to say, just posting in here so I’m included in twentynine’s morning post


SHIT! New pokemon is here today! Totally forgot.

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morning team :wave:

off to the office. enjoy my days so much more when working from the office. it’s just me and i get the coffee machine all to myself, can also play the music i want as loudly as i want. :grinning: :+1:

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I have no means to download it and I am very sad about this.

Been a rough 36 hours of parenting but silly baby seems to be on the mend from developing a high fever after vaccinations. Addition of a rash yesterday meant we wound up in the covid ward - unlikely it’s that but awaiting her swab results. Exhausted.

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Help me remember a film! The protagonist lives in this tiny flat, right next to a noisy subway line, and possibly shares with one other person. At some point, I think the building collapses in a fire or something

Blues Brothers

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That’s the one

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