Widdling Weddo

Aye, it’s just special brew tbh

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No need to apologise!

Realised I might be able to steal some data off my dad later in the week to download it hopefully. Really annoying that the Switch needed a system update before it would do anything else otherwise I’d have had plenty for it.

Well yeah it’s a bazooka, it burns it to the ground, I’d say that was spoiled.

I have somehow pulled my back/shoulder blade out a bit and it hurts BAD when I breathe in so got no sleep at all. It’s hardly surprising though since i’m still working like 9 hour days on the £5 ikea fold out chair.

Also I’ve ran out of chocolate weetabix as they didn’t have any last time I went for my big shop at sainsburys and I couldn’t be arsed for that this week so I had to get an alternative and for some reason I went for bran flakes. Disappointing!

Tomorrow I need to ride into london to drop my engagement ring off for resizing and I’m nervous. 1 - haven’t really taken this ring out of the house much since I got it, 2 - I haven’t cycled that far in months and 3 - no london public toilets?!?!?!? What if i need a wee?! I’m also going to meet a friend in London on Satuday and I’m also panicking about the lack of toilets. What gives!

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feel like voicing my appreciation for the hubro logo



omg the absolute unfettered joy of remembering you have half the beef stroga from last night left.

bet it tastes better second time round too.

yes i am having lunch at 11 piss off.


going for my first walk since March, I’m very nervous but needs to be done at some point.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:

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Enjoy the fresh air

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all set!


Mrs CCB brought me a cheese scone for elevensies. It’s a good day.


£400 for a new sensor in a car i have driven twice in the past four and a half months


Seems like that sensor saw you coming!!!

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waiting for an email about something

  • me too!
  • i don’t expect any emails

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I’m finishing applications like no-one’s business

I have a very small, mostly paved, garden

I have 40 lavender plants coming today finally!

I don’t know how large they will be

  • That’s too many
  • It’s probably the right amount

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what’s the opposite of shitcan ?

Love this :owl:

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