Wide Awake 2023

Much better line up than last year. OPN!

That’s the best single day line up I’ve seen in ages. Speaking to pals about going now

Great additions for me. I get that it is still lacking BIG hitters but its a densely packed line up of acts I actively like or love


always find it funny how they censor Los Bitchos on these posters.

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And Viagra Boys? Or is that what their name always looks like

Wonder why Two Shell are the only ones who get their own font.


I think it’s an algorithm thing, interestingly. Lots of social platforms detect this sort of stuff as hate speech/problematic even if it’s in image form.

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Really good day of music


Shame Ty Segall is no longer playing — was really looking forward to seeing him.


Gutted that Ty is no longer playing, and the addition of some fairly uninspiring names just exacerbates my disappointment