Wide Awake Festival

Great for £30 this!


Love that Wide Awake Festival has a council-enforced curfew of 11pm on a Friday night.

Goths in the sunshine

Looks like it might have a bit of crossover with Re textured acts wise

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Some kind of announcement tomorrow

Tommy Boyd’s playing.

*My Vitriol (acoustic set)

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Some great additions here. Most bargain-tastic festival ever?


Ooh Charlotte Adigéry

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A Certain Ratio and Shortparis :heart:

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Clashes are going to be horrible.

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Damn Metronomy is a massive name to keep back for a second announcement. Really impressive lineup that.

Very excited for this!

This has turned into a top lineup now. Worth it for Shortparis to be honest .

fucking cracking line up, really looking forward to this :+1:

it’s almost a bit too much for one day

hopefully it goes on late with the DJ’s

also Metronomy is a bit of a weird headliner for this, no?


Kind of love how stacked-but-not-insanely-packed this lineup is. Just a really great selection of acts for a decent price, no messing around. A total rarity at festivals now where most day tickets are £70+ and the rest.

Not to curse it too early, but it sort of has the feel of something that Field Day might have done a few years back.


As its at Brockwell Park I would say that’s unlikely.

Ran by the old FD people innit.

@malick best thing we can hope for is some spin off events I guess, same weekend as junction 2 so likely to be a lot going on innit.