Wide Awake Festival

Something like Idles or King Gizzard probably. Both around next spring/summer

Idles have already done it. So would have to be considered bigger than Idles. Guess Gizzle Wizzle would be

Idles played in 2021

Idles didn’t actually headline in 2021, they played an afternoon set.

“As voted for by you”? Anyone vote in this?

They were billed as headliners though, the reason they played in the afternoon was becaause they had to hotfoot it to a show in Bristol that night, they had comfortably the largest crowd of the day too. Felt a bit bad for shame tbh because they became de facto headliners with a much smaller/less enthusiastic crowd

They’re using the old ATP vs The Fans results and going down the list.

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LCD Soundsystem? New Order?

Tough to think of bands that fit WA’s mould and would be significantly bigger headliners than what’s come before. Then again, Caroline Polachek was the main headliner this year, so could be the main stage will move in a poppier direction.

Finally, Weezer get their dues


Shellac to become the new house band


Maybe Fontaines D.C?

King Gizzard seems like a good shout.

How about Mitski?

Would guess Charli XCX based on pretty much nothing.


I’ve changed my mind. It’ll be Martha, by a landslide.


Not sure they’re bigger than Idles, at least not unequivocally. Reckon Gizzard and Charli are both decent shouts

Didn’t Primal Scream headline one year? Would assume that they’re their yardstick for “bigness”.

Yeah, that was the two day version last year which had Bicep and Primal Scream as the two headliners - both pretty big…

Says King Gizzard here

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After Caroline Polachek, King Gizzard is a bit of shrug for me


Think I’ll wait for a slightly more official announcement than that…

Yeah not particularly interesting headliner if it is them. Imagine there’ll still be plenty on the line up to make it worth the cheap tickets they’re selling a couple of weeks before though