Wide awake it's Saturday

Hey yo etc

Up since six when the dog vomited bile on our bed :person_shrugging:

Off to Bristol for a mooch and some birthday lunch for R at zaza Again :person_shrugging:

Then seeing Public Service Broadcasting later in Bath with my lovely sister.

What you up to??


Lunch with the parents then gym/pool then birthday drinks. Feeling a bit tired so planning on an early finish, but who knows what will happen when the mojitos are flowing.


My mum has the toddler for the weekend so naturally I woke up at 6. Currently painting a ceiling and bopping to the new Everything Everything.


Morning all! Yo Slicky!

We’re up watching Big Cook Little Cook and doing online wordsearches. I was about four answers away from the quick Guardian crossword but then got ambushed.

Drama class, writing class and a play date/ sleepover is the structure of our day.

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Ooh I loved big cook little cook when mine were in cbeebies mode

At work. Will be terrible. Fin

Alright? Off to work until 2 then who knows, nothing probably.

Wales :heart_eyes:


Are you R?


It’s absolutely Bill WIthers on the south coast this morning. Last night I was wavering about doing ParkRun, but getting up and seeing the weather like this has put me in such a positive mood I’m up for anything.

The later this morning we’re off to see Michael Rosen as part of Brighton festival, then getting Cornish pasties for lunch, then probably mooching round town for a bit soaking up the festival atmosphere.

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Plans = zero

Think I’ll tidy up the bomb site flat, blast some tunes, read in the park, browse a record shop … maybe have crepes for dinner


Ooooh hope he does No Breathing!

I think she’s a bit old for it now if I’m honest but the rebooted version features two women of colour cooking food so I’m happy to support her enthusiasm.

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He’s written a book about his experiences with covid, and I think it’s linked to that. I’m hoping it’s not going to be too heavy, but it says it’s 7+ and it is Michael Rosen, who makes everything jolly

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Woke up at 7 tried to get back to sleep but no dice.
Been listening to off menu in bed

Off to Manchester, get pissed in the afternoon, mates birthday at night. Try and get a train home.

Might watch the new ghostbuster before getting dressed


Off to a wedding just outside Carmarthen. How the heck I’m getting there no-one knows. Breakfast and telly first.


Having a coffee and getting ready to go with my friend to Wild Place Project to see all the animals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: weather looks a bit iffy so I’ll be packing my anorak, because I’m that sort of person now and feel absolutely zero shame about it.

I hope you all have lovely days!

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Drinking coffee and listening to the swans chase the rowing poshos up the river atm.

Gonna potter around and tidy up a bit then off out for lunch with my girlfriend’s family.

Chain drinking coffee before I have to go to cricket and help coach a load of 7 & 8 year olds. Why did I sign up for this?!
Then there is a kid’s party and other crap. Might get the afternoon off though. :pray:

MiniStack’s encanto party today, should be a good ‘un (once I’ve tidied up, done the bunting and gotten the food ready)

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