Do you like wigs? Which type do you like? When was the last time you wore one?

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Steven Caulker.

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Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hot (like you baby).


A friend of mine in New Zealand had alopecia, and wore a range of different wigs. Remember finding it amazing how she could look like a different person dependent on what wig she was wearing, matching it as part of her outfit. It was basically impossible to tell it was a wig too.



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I love wigs. Used to be a bit obsessed with them and wear them a lot.

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I had a friend who got really into wearing different coloured wigs, still had all her own hair so I didn’t realise that was a thing people did. Much easier than dying your hair all the time I guess.

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According to my camera roll my last wigging was June 1st

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That would make a very good cilla wig.

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About seven years ago my wife went on a hen weekend which was Disney Princess themed so she got a red wig to be Ariel. I tried it on, only time ever wearing a wig and have wanted it back since if I’m honest, always had short hair but I liked the look.

c/w: moustache

I don’t llike them, they’re itchy. Caveat that I’ve only worn cheapo fancy dress costume type wigs. Last wore one, not sure, 12ish years ago maybe? I remember a friend of mine had several that she’d bought for fancy dress purposes, we probably tried them on, idk.

Jonathan Grouter