Wilco @ Brixton

I’m still buzzing from Saturday’s show. Fantastic set, audience in fine voice, Tweedy et al looked like they were having an absolute ball. “Art Of Almost” was absolutely breathtaking, and the Schmilco songs sounded terrific live too.

Post Wilco here…

gutted to have missed both this and the RAH show. still, i’ve probably seen them 10+ times so cant really complain. stunning live band.

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The Manchester show was wonderful too.


Yeah, I was at the Manchester show too. The weather was so miserable that it felt like a proper hassle to trek out for the evening, but in the end I was so glad I did.

Took them about 5 or 6 songs to really get going imo and for them and the audience to relax into the show, but once they did, it was beautiful.

Nils Cline is pretty incredible to see in action, especially on Impossible Germany. Love how the arrangements for lots of the songs have evolved since their recordings - so many highlights.

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Yeah it was amazing. Nels Cline is just unreal. Kept getting hypnotised just watching him go for it. Art of Almost… wow