Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

…is actually really good, isn’t it?

As a big Summerteeth and YHF fan, I’d only really given it a couple of cursory listens previously, but it’s great.

It’s no Summerteeth/YHF, but I do like it. The last three tracks are great.

its a great record. Love me some tweedy.

Correct and definitive ranking of Wilco albums. Don’t @ me:

YHF>Summerteeth>AGIB>AM>Being There>SBS>TWL>W(TA)>Schmilco>Star Wars

So it’s basically an average Wilco album, which still makes it pretty good. Reckon the live versions (Impossible Germany especially) are better.

Really? I loved Star Wars. Was pretty nonplussed with schmilco though.


Schmilco was great! Loved seeing such an established, “serious” band just having a load of fun with their music.

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i never really listen to it tbh but this live video is one of my all time favourites


i fucking love Being There, consistently their most underrated album

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Nels Cline really is rad, isn’t he?


SBS is way more straightforward than stuff like YHF but the songwriting and the guitar work are definite AA+++ would tweedy again standard.