Wilco - Sky Blue Sky


…is actually really good, isn’t it?

As a big Summerteeth and YHF fan, I’d only really given it a couple of cursory listens previously, but it’s great.


It’s no Summerteeth/YHF, but I do like it. The last three tracks are great.


its a great record. Love me some tweedy.


Correct and definitive ranking of Wilco albums. Don’t @ me:

YHF>Summerteeth>AGIB>AM>Being There>SBS>TWL>W(TA)>Schmilco>Star Wars

So it’s basically an average Wilco album, which still makes it pretty good. Reckon the live versions (Impossible Germany especially) are better.


Being there is my fave


Really? I loved Star Wars. Was pretty nonplussed with schmilco though.


Schmilco was great! Loved seeing such an established, “serious” band just having a load of fun with their music.


i never really listen to it tbh but this live video is one of my all time favourites


i fucking love Being There, consistently their most underrated album


Nels Cline really is rad, isn’t he?


SBS is way more straightforward than stuff like YHF but the songwriting and the guitar work are definite AA+++ would tweedy again standard.