Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Is 15 years old!

I’ve still not seen the film from the recording process if anyone knows if it can be streamed anywhere?

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Never quite got back to that level did they? Although a ghost is born and star wars are good but not yhf level.

Think a ghost is born is leagues above all of their other work (including YHF) to be honest and I do like most of it a lot.

I like it loads but I reckon Yankee hotel foxtrot just shades it for me, probably due to the time it came out, where I was in my life and seeing them live at that time.


YHF > Summerteeth > Ghost Is Born >>> The Whole Love > Being There > Star Wars > Schmilco > Sky Blue Sky > Wilco > A.M

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I love YHF so much. Great album. Summerteeth is also really nice. Their other albums don’t come remotely close for me.

A ghost born is


Don’t leave us hanging like this

Never listened to it. In my head I’ve imagined it’ll be as good as discovering Slint - Spiderland. Am I way off, expectations wise?

As good as but sounds nothing like it.

Good order, very tricky task. One of the best back catalogues of any band in recent history. Been appreciating them more and more the longer I’ve lived in North America and tuning into the aesthetic sensibilities here. Whole Love is very strong and Being There is still growing on me.

YHF seems like the obvious classic to me and got me into the band. Like OK computer or Loveless I actually listen to it a lot less than their other records now though. A special occasion kind of experience.

Fixed the title word order. Was driving me nuts.

Can only hear this said in the style of Numbers stations now.

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i can agree with that. no question that Summerteeth is Wilco’s most played record for me. and part of the joy of Star Wars & Schmilco is their inherent listenability. if you haven’t investigated Kicking Television (live LP) then i can’t recommend that enough.

interested to know why Jordan hates Wilco so much.

Wilco ranking (not heard A.M.)

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
A Ghost is Born
Being There
Star Wars
Sky Blue Sky
The Whole Love
Wilco (The Album)

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Does he? @jordan_229 why the beef?

Good point- why haven’t I checked out Kicking Television yet?! Seems to be held in particular high esteem by fans and is a document of their greatest era. I saw them around YHF time and it was stunning. Will have to investigate thanks.


Way to make my post redundant, Theo. Can you add a few likes to my account in recompense?

Not sure on this one, boss. Think they’re boring but can’t remember really going in on them on DiS