Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

I like YHF a lot but never really understood why people find it so special. Just a really nice, simple set of songs. Nothing groundbreaking. Before I heard it I read about all the white noise, static etc thread into the songs and songs blurring in and out of each other to sound like a radio tuning…dont hear that, the noise seems a little random and pointless

Yeah I’m with you really. Maybe they meant the model?

Did seem them live at EotR and enjoyed it. I like YHF for a quiet background album.

think I remember you saying they were the worst band ever or your most hated band or something.

they’re a wonderful spring/summer morning band. been digging back into Star Wars and Schmilco this week. even their lesser albums harbour so much to love.

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The Yankee Hotel Foxtrot documentary is free to stream here for a week:


I’ve not watched it before, so am looking forward to it!


Despite the fact that @jordan_229 doesn’t stop going on about how much he hates them!

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This record was really good.


Excellent documentary, you’re in for a treat!

I was listening to Star Wars today and it tends to be my goto one these days. I think it’s the best of their recentish ones.


Thanks very much for posting this. Just watched it - really enjoyed it! Now off down a Wilco rabbithole…

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I enjoyed it, although I got a bit bored of some of the live songs that were played of (presumably) older songs that I mostly didn’t recognise. Would have loved more YHF songs.

I ended up reading more about Wilco on Wikipedia afterwards and the whole story of Wilco seems like it would be a lot more interesting than just that one YHF period. I somehow wasn’t aware about what happened to Jay a few years later, so that was a shock to me.

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Have just finished Jeff Tweedy’s autobiography and heartily recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in Wilco.