Guys Star Wars is a top album, anyone that gave up after A Ghost is Born really needs to give it a few spins. The run of tracks 3 to 8 is basically as good as any band can be 20 years into their carrers, Random Name Generator is their most-fun, grin-inducing song along with I’m a Wheel, You Satellite is Wilco doing late-period melodic Sonic Youth and that amazing wall of guitars at the end of Where Do I Begin is as beautiful as anything else they’ve recorded.


great version of random name generator in this live thing. In fact the whole show is worth watching. They are super talented dudes.


I’ve not bothered with anything since Ghost, but there was a really nice piece in the latest Gold Flake Paint journal which has me intrigued about the new one.

Some of the albums have been patchy but you’ve missed some brilliant songs across them all.


Absolute tune.

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Love that whole record. One Wing :heart:

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much prefer the tweedy version of this

Waveyswirley uncut

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Listened to this a couple of times today, I really like most of it. Might get into Wilco!