Anyone else seeing them live next month? I’m going to the Manchester show. First time I’ll’ve seen them, and they’re one of the few remaining bands on the list of bands I need to see who I haven’t yet seen. Naturally, I’m getting excited in a “count down the days” sort of way.

The state of their setlists these days. Look at this one - three MONSTERS, back to back, within the first five songs! http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/wilco/2016/tecnopolis-villa-martelli-argentina-73fd6e5d.html

via Chicago live = oh mama

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Not seeing them this year unfortunately but they’re a great, great live band, enjoy

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Also, if you haven’t already (guessing you have) buy Kicking Television and listen to it loads to get well excited

Oh that’s been on regular rotation for years now! Love the end of Misunderstood.