Wild Adoration / looking for co-producer

Hey all,

I am a singer, songwriter, musician and producer and have released my first EP last June. Had a great review written by Boomkat and now looking towards new horizons in order to produce my future EP.
As I also want to diversify and have new inputs on my music, I would like to produce this next EP with someone else ! I would like to create a more rhythm based electronic music without it to sounds too much like FKA Twigs or other pop electronic music artists. I am a great fan of trip-hop, ambient, experimental and techno music so a mix of all that would be great (somehow).

If you want to hear the first one, you can check it on soundcloud.com/wildadoration

If you are interested and have experience in producing don’t hesitate to contact me !

Cheers x

Wild Adoration

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Hey :slight_smile:

I have no production skills but there are a fair few people on here who do. They’ve even set up their own record label. Have a look through this thread and have a listen to what others on here have produced:

Hope you’re able to get the sound you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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Cheers ccb!

Hey Wild, will have a listen and see if anyone fancies collaborating :slight_smile: