Wild and windy Wednesday

What’s up sugarpies?

I’m going on a course so that’s alright.

Mad dark and wet this morning. Dog took one look out the door and ran back in.

Morning :wave:

It’s actually a nice morning here, contrary to the weather forecast

I was in Peterborough overnight for work (11.30pm to 3am) so slept a bit either side but am currently sat up in bed. Have booked out the morning as TOIL so might go bad to sleep.

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Wet and windy here. No real plans. Doing all the drop offs today. Then wash up and watch football all day is suppose. Having a Brian Harvey Special for tea tonight.

Half day then off to York for the Christmas markets



Was raining steadily but nothing to worry about when I left the house. Half way to the station and it got turned up to 11 and within about a minute, I looked like I’ve had a bath with my clothes on. Ah well. Plenty of time to dry out on the train.

Going up to Manchester for a poke around the People’s History Museum

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I deliberately left the blinds closed on the patio doors and got him riled up to go out for a wee, so he’d already committed to running out the door before he realised it was pissing down.



Bit of a better sleep last night. Mini only up twice, whixh is an improvement.

As per the thread title it is indeed a wild and windy Wednesday. And very wet.

Watching more Everybody Loves Raymond and got one of those Starbucks Frappucinos in the glass bottles, its quite tasty.

Today im going down my Mums, lots of coffee and probably mince pies (she always has mince pies in as soon as there in the shops). Then itll be a lazy afternoon and as yet TBD takeaway for tea as Mr s_w is at an ‘stratergy exec away day’ (im not sure what it means/entails).


Excellent move. :star_struck:

Ahhh hate that residual damp.

Hope you can get all cosy later X

My oodie has been shipped so that’s incredible news

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Oooh i keep looking at those oodies! They look so cozy. Might ask for one for Xmas.

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Maybe more tired than when I went to bed? What is this evil sorcery!

A is in creche, Mrs. KG is off to a hair appointment, time to blast free jazz and watch the World Cup while WFH.

This post paid for by PROF$.

Aye looks horrid out.

Only work and gym for me today. Got some pierogi to eat later.

Trying to explain how your skull grows to m on the walk to school as if i have any idea then questioning myself if her head is adult size already (realise its not but only because there are different hat sizes). Growing is weird AF when you think about it

Meant to be going to meet two of my old bosses today for a secret little project

In hte office for the first time in about a month, and what a shitty drive in. There had been an accident on the roundabout at Patcham coming out of Brighton, and another on the M25, but it was the volume of rain coming down and the amount of surface water that was the biggest issue for me. There were a couple of times when my car got completely engulfed in spray and I had a few moments where I couldn’t see out of my windscreen. Scary stuff. And my tomtom seems to have given up seeing the traffic, which was the main thing I use it for. Bah.

There was me looking forward to a nice comfortable, relaxing ride on the train for an hour and a half. Of course it’s rammed, so I’m stood in the corridor next to the luggage racks.


Still snotty, but I can breathe, just about, today.

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Morning all!

My car is in for a service so I got soaked on my walk to work.

I’m running an optional catch-up class this morning and two of the worst-attenders turned up half an hour early. The only other person in my office has been updating me on changes to the soup menu in the canteen.

Morning everyone :wave:

Reset my alarm too many times this morning.

S l e e p y.

The bf confirmed we will need to bring out the second duvet going forward. So cold in the flat :cold_face:

It’s Wednesday so I can officially get excited for the weekend. Got a vintage fair on Saturday, then I will be doing the first coat of paint on the walls in the hallway and putting together more IKEA shelves to see if I can finally fit all our books somewhere instead of living out of boxes. Wish me luck.

Wish I could build things so I could make my own shelves and cupboards.

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Another quiet day ahead, got someone coming round to quote about a new front door. Hopefully they arrive after lunch and also don’t ask for all the money to get it sorted.