Wild and windy Wednesday


Another quiet day ahead, got someone coming round to quote about a new front door. Hopefully they arrive after lunch and also don’t ask for all the money to get it sorted.

Woke up a little groggy from being at the opening night of a new bar last night, absolutely vile day here, got the bus to work and even the three or four minutes I was outside either side of it were enough to get soaked.

Last day off before a week of strike action, loads of work to do but will probably just watch all the World Cup and shitpost on here.

Last day to sign up for this lads


making a hot chocolate
today sucks

morning all


Getting a bit sick of data analysts not doing the most basic checks on the data they send through

Sounds like a good day or at least part of a day

Welcome to my world. How people can’t do basic checks baffles me.

Aww my atd was on BBC News this morning! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: She seemed so grown up and posh lmao

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Really cold in my house and I don’t know how to turn the heating on.

I can feel it, it’s that time. That time when I switch from regular tea to Earl grey as my default tea. It happens every so often. Think the last time may have been back in 2013 tho. Which makes me think the tea I found in the cupboard is almost ten years old… that’s fine, right?

My mate Elvis saw me walking home earlier and filmed me from his window

That’s me there

  • Tried to press play and watch shrewbie on video
  • Didn’t do that

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Try one but would be tempted to refresh your supply.

Earl Grey is fantastic

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People should feel free to drink whatever tea they prefer - but it’s disturbing how many earl grey drinkers are happy to dish out cups of it simply presented as “tea” to unsuspecting guests


Door man has been, a very friendly and efficient visit. Such exciting times playing with door templates.

Google photos has just reminded me this time last year was off for a week’s break in Glasgow & Edinburgh. I would quite like to be back there now eating & drinking my way through each city.

Not that @unlucky or @Witches would ever do that of course

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You would be offered a selection of varied teas at my gaff


Washed up, had leftover laksa for lunch, had a shower and now settling in to watch my German lads play Japan.

tea is quite cheap

if you can buy 300 hundred cleaning devices you can buy new tea