Wild and windy Wednesday

You would be offered a selection of varied teas at my gaff


Washed up, had leftover laksa for lunch, had a shower and now settling in to watch my German lads play Japan.

tea is quite cheap

if you can buy 300 hundred cleaning devices you can buy new tea

My other half drinks earl grey as her default. She went through a phase of having Earl Grey in the morning and Lapsang Suchang in the afternoon, which is probably one for the pretentious thread (like I’m in any position to talk with a whole cupboard full of coffee making kit)

I reckon 9 year old tea would probably taste of dust - like @JaguarPirate says, tea isn’t the biggest expense in the world.

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My word, how cheeky.

My giant cleaning toothbrush arrived today. I’ve already cleaned the taps in the kitchen :sparkles:

I can confirm it tastes fine by the way. I’m sure you were all wondering.

Use it to clean your teeth as well?


Yes. Giant toothbrush for my giant teeth.


didnt get any choc, disaster

Feeling a bit queasy? I’ve got mint tea!
Wanna relax? I have sleepy tea!
Want a bit of pep in your step? I can do you a matcha!
You’re a class lady right? Early G for you queen!
Wanna be boring? Yorkshire Tea is available


Might put my professional letters after my name on Linkedin and see what happens

(nothing I imagine)

Even better might make the world’s most boring thread about it…

You know how Virgin Media, etc have those kiosks in shopping centres so they can pester you to get broadand…?

There’s one setup on the fucking walkway through the park back from the train station. Is that A Thing?

I got collared by the Jehovah’s Witnesses down there a few weeks back. Not sure I appreciate this kind of thing encroaching on my walk through the park.

finding that those types are getting worse at picking convenient locations

no, right next to the ticket barrier at piccadilly isn’t a good location. I’m about to get on that train right behind you

Just a really weird place to put it. Don’t think many people are going to be tempted into changing their broadband package while they’re out walking the dog.

Oh yeah, I was meant to get some more food for the dog…

He might be having Weetabix for his breakfast tomorrow

Anyone used Whisk as a recipe saving app?

Got COVID again haven’t I? Bloody hell. The cough.

All this a month after one of the worst colds ever.

Might as well stay in bed forever at this rate

Is this an evening thread as well?

Going to see Yard Act, took me ages to find the ticket in my inbox, turns out I bought it in February. So in winter, but also a different winter? Needs to be a law against gigs being sold more than six months in advance, anyway.