Wild animals in the home 🦊 🐭 🐦

Has it ever happened to you?

And I don’t mean insects or arachnids, before anyone tries to be a clever bollocks.

Was just stood by the open kitchen window having a coffee and pensive listen to the wind (as one does) and noticed my squirrel friend was back, and on the wall very very close to my windowsill. Looked like he was contemplating it. So we had a staring contest for a bit and then he pottered off. It’s not that he wouldn’t be welcome but I think the cat would have been quite upset.

One of the most stressful moments of my young life was when I was 15 or something, home alone, and all three of my Mum’s cats brought in alive birds. Was truly awful for all involved (apart from the cats, who were having the time of their lives). Just feathers, everywhere. Awful.


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once found a frog inside my VCR


(a VCR is what old people had to watch movies before DVDs)


In the tape bit?! :smiley: I hope it was alright!!

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Yeah it hopped out and into the garden through the back door, I think we had a little brook running through our back garden at the time


We’ve had a few birds fly in over the years, absolute chaos because neither myself nor any of my family can stay calm. I vividly as a kid/teenager remember a frog coming in while my stepdad was at work, it was hopping everywhere except out of the fucking door so we had to get my stepdad’s dad in from next door to sort it out. I think he got the frog into a bucket (edit: I have been corrected, it was a dustpan and brush) and then let it out in our pond.

Was on the phone to my stepdad’s uncle a few weeks ago when he was staying at our caravan, and while he was on the phone two ducks just wandered in to say hello to him. He can’t stay calm either and all I could hear was him screaming SHOO! SHOO! GERROUT! in the distance while I cried with laughter.

Me and some atds were staying at Center Parcs (topical) and a few of us had an afternoon nap in the chalet. We left the patio door open. I got up and went to the kitchen for some snacks and a massive fuck off swan was standing silently in the patio doorway. Looked like it was trying to decide whether to come in or not. I tried to quietly shoo it, I put a chair in front of it. It just stood there, hovering over the precipice, glaring at me. In the end I woke up my pal with “[REDACTED] THERE’S A SWAN OUTSIDE OMFG PLEASE HELP”. She got up, took one look at the swan, one look at me, and then slowly slid the patio door closed in front of its face. Like it was nothing. We were all awake and huddled in the living room at this point. We watched as the swan tried to smash its way through the patio door with its beak repeatedly. And then, at last, the swan got bored and fucked off.

Genuinely think we could have all died in our sleep there.


This, this is magnificent :smiley: thread was worth it!!

My long suffering Mum has had

  • two crows come down her chimney
  • a pine marten and it’s babies living above her kitchen
  • bats
  • very large slug

My Dad has

  • toads
  • a rat

I’ve only ever had

  • mice

Snake in the cutlery drawer (this was a distressing discovery)


Wood pigeon got into my bedroom when I was a teenager. Messed up all my documents, which makes me suspect it was sent by somebody to get my bank details or something (low tech scamming pre smartphones). I got it out by somewhat trapping it in a towel and felt proud of that achievement.


Photo evidence! (After my mate neutralised the threat i.e. closed the patio door)

Look at it. Evil.


Rat in me kitchen.

Don’t know what I’m going to do


Once lived in a flat with a basement kitchen with wooden walls and every night slugs would come through the walls and crawl all over everything :nauseated_face: only found this out via occasional midnight snacks or coming into the kitchen after nights out

Its face looks so pissed off. a very narrow escape I would say

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Omg!! They look very cute but I imagine that was terrifying!

Numerous times as a child I ended up being lumbered with the job of escorting live birds that the cat brought in out of the house. My dad is scared of birds and my mum just sees everything that involves any sort of physical effort as someone else’s problem. Also dealt with a lot of rodents, mostly cat-related as well.

Stayed in a little house on holiday in Italy that had a lizard, that was quite cool.

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Not in my house thankfully, but a friend had a long battle with squirrels who invaded his home numerous times over a few weeks. He was doing up a second story townhouse that had numerous large trees around it. They chewed a large hole in his newly plastered ceiling and generally left a mess. Then got into a cupboard via the partition walls, chewed the plug off his vacuum cleaner (a new Dyson) and stole it.

Then they kidnapped his wife’s hamster. Not a euphanism…

Chewed through the cage wires and stole it. It turned up about a week later, amazingly alive.


That’s a shame, because woodlouse seem to LOVE our bathroom. We find them in the shower, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the same one every time. Who know where there coming in from.

We’ve had rats too. That wasn’t very pleasant.

And then there was the time we set the catflap to “in only” and then some other random cat came into our house overnight and ended up in a hissing standoff with our cats.

Had a horse wander into our hallway once. It was v narrow and the horse got stuck. Quite stressful.

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I once had to dismantal my bathroom extractor fan as a small bird had managed to find it’s way up into my roof space behind the fan. Eventually it flew out into my bathroom and then out of the open window.