Wild Beasts

This is shaping up to be an absolutely wonderful little record. Not a million miles from what Wild Beasts have done, but I’m not complaining.

I like both the singles but feel both are missing that final tweak that would send them from nice to really good.

There’s an intentional slightness there of course, but I just hope the album has some surprises.

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I’m digging the Thom Yorke-does-Everyday Is Like Sunday vibe of the video.

Wasn’t sold on Diviner but reaaaaally into Love Crimes. Hyped for the album now. Love his voice.

I won free tickets to see Hayden play tracks from Diviner next week. Quite looking forward to it.

Tom’s releasing stuff under the name One True Pairing. Looks like he’s signed to Domino too, same as Hayden.

Sounds extremely 80s influenced, I really like it.

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See, musically this is great, but I just find his voice too hammy for my taste. On the other hand, I love Hayden’s voice but find his music is so boring.

They should consider forming a band or something…


Haha i was just thinking exactly that you know. It’s like when i hear Tom Tom Club and David Byrne solo ‘hm now these would sound great together’.

I think Wild Beasts will reform in 10 years and clean up.

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Yes! Been hoping Tom would follow Hayden into solo territory; tbh I thought he might have been first.
Digging the song, but the video is… yeah. Not quite on the aesthetic level of Hayden’s vids so far.

One True Pairing album is out on September 20th. This new single is excellent – bit more punk sounding than anything WB did.

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I liked their debut double a-side, Sacred Trust/Shakespeare’s Way With Words.