Wild Garlic (polls/chat)

everyone’s talking about wild garlic again. nothing in 2021, but seems to have made a huge rebound from its discovery during lockdown 2020.

is wild garlic better than normal garlic?


oh i see, it’s not even garlic, it’s flowers. NEXT

Different garlics for different needs




and the leaves

I would like to know where to go to find wild garlic.

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I was just going to post in the pesto thread saying I make loads of wild garlic pesto at the start of spring each year or whenever it pops up, can never remember. Such an awful middle class load of nonsense going picking it though. All the rich mums around here going positively bananas for it like it’s a status symbol. Awful. No foraging if you’re a house owner and car owner IMO.

Anyway, it’s a totally different thing to bulbs so it’s hard to say if it’s better or worse (it’s worse though), but very good for that sort of recipe and I like to wilt it and add it to a nice nutty/seed sort of salad.


Eats wild garlic and leaves

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No way would I pick my own. All these folk giving it ‘oh there’s loads up at the roundabout by the industrial estate’. Covered in dog piss.

Had a wild garlic chicken kiev recently. Was ok.

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Watched my neighbours all going nuts picking it in the garden in the first lockdown, smirking to myself that they were actually bluebells. Shame I had to go and tell them before they poisoned themselves.


Sod that. Just buy it in the market.

Follow your nose

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Wild garlic season is from March until May so everyone’s a bit premature

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I’ve never seen it for sale anywhere. Picking it is free and takes me to nice woods, and gives me a fleeting sense of purpose :laughing:

i’ve seen about 27 mentions of it on dis during the past 30 minutes, so yes, EVERYONE

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They sell it at my local LME market, when in season.


I have a patch of it about 12 seconds from my kitchen though

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Woah never seen a Kiev in the wild


Prefer Wacky Garlic