Wild Isles

Best thing Attenborough’s done imo. Watched the forbidden episode last night and had a little cry at the end

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So, right, so, in my IMO, the footage on this series is glorious. Really beautifully shot.

However, the biology is about 90% reproduction. Here’s a shot of an animal. Give it a minute and it’ll be shagging. Not an issue per se but there’s no variation.

I think what Spring/Autumn/Winterwatch have done is demonstrate that you can have great footage and different bits of biology- feeding strategies, hibernation, conservation etc. And so while Wild Isles is fab, i think we’ve been a bit spoilt by the Watches so the limitations show through.

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Yeah that’s true. Guess it’s a bit limited by the length of the series given how much they’d tried to cover, wish it had been longer

Think the Attenborough stuff is aimed at audiences that are more casually interested in wildlife than your springwatches too though

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Yeah to be fair you’re totally right on the audience bit, thought that while i was writing it. Mainstream sunday telly audience aren’t going to be too arsed about how a weevil gets its food when it can see a deer rut.

Not watched the latest ep or the hidden one. And to be fair to your boy Attenz, he’s throwing in habitat loss and climate change on the reg so fair play to him.