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You may be aware that I got a hanging basket recently? Anyway we went to a garden centre for lunch. I had a ploughman’s (I said can I get extra cheese as I don’t want the ham and they said yes but then I got the same amount of cheese as others who did have ham but someone gave me their stilton because they don’t like blue cheese so it worked out ok) and so did my mother-in-law… About halfway through she found the tiniest and I mean tiniest, caterpillar on her pickled onion. There were people freaking out everywhere and in the end she got the whole plate replaced (and yes I got another piece of stilton). I would have just flicked it off and eaten the onion. Maybe I’m hard as fuck, dunno. What’s your play?

Never go for lunch in a garden centre, obviously.


You get some pretty decent ones, my snobby friend.

Agreed, those places are hell on earth.


Where the fuck are you getting your hanging baskets from?


Absolutely fine with finding stuff on my food. Get rid of it and carry on. Find it very strange that people return a plate in restaurants if they find a hair in it, it’s fine really innit


There’s going to be like bacteria and stuff on it anyway*, and a caterpillar is basically just slightly larger bacteria, so that’s fine. Anything smaller than a guinea pig is okay.

*can a biologist please confirm this

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Head or pubic?

Plus we were sitting outside (although not under a tree).


I would be concerned if I found a pube in a meal. It has never happened though

just realised i forgot to eat breakfast today. probably because after dinner I had a whole garlic baguette and two chocolate brownies and ice cream.

sub thread - when the OP is this densely packed, does anyone bother to read it?

I’d consider breaking it into paragraphs.

I didn’t want you to read it.

mission accomplished mate.

probles replace for a caterpillar. I reckon there’s some things I’d not be fussed about. I don’t know what though

Garden centres are good though.

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I like looking at the fish and pets (if they have them).

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