Wildlife/Food interface

I like:

Smelling the smells (is it pesticide and soil?)
looking at Christmas decorations
thinking about getting into seeds
The garden ornaments (little dogs, hedgehogs etc)
the funny brands of sweets
Getting a sausage and chips or a Panini

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knees and toes, knees and toes

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I cracked open a pistachio the other day to find a tiny, roasted grub in it. Was probs a good thing though because it stopped me from eating the whole bag in one go.

I’d be fine flinging the caterpillar back to nature and getting on with my food, but I also hate garden centres so might feel tempted to kick up a stink just to show them who’s in charge here.

love the outside bits with the little bridges on display

Had a pack of these the other day-

Was pretty hungry so scoffed the lot. Just tasted like those salt and vinegar peanuts that you can buy.

Have also accidentally swallowed a few flying insects when I’ve been out running. Pretty unpleasant but it’s never made me ill or anything

Caterpillar no worries. Just put himon the table and carry on munching.

Same with most stuff, my hair falls out a lot so my family are used to finding them in their food. Not a big deal really is it?

Also, big fan of garden centres, though I get my baskets from a nursery…

I know far too much about finding bugs and other unwelcome animals in food from work. I’m no longer as grossed out by it as i used to be. Would probably have removed the caterpillar and not eaten the bit it was on but would definitely not have made a fuss. I’ve seen and heard about much, much worse.

what do you do
when a bug is in your food
in the english garden centre