Wileycat House (a DiS exclusive)


Like visiting places? Dislike spending money on accommodation? Read on!

Turns out having three rooms when you live alone is pretty stupid and wasteful. So here they are free to DiSers.

Here’s a tldr so you can skip the rest if you want

When? Whenever you like. Be aware the house is cold in winter and walks much less easy/fun.
For how long? As long as you like (or at least up to the point I would lose my council tax reduction)
Where? A village near Guisborough on edge of North York Moors.
How do I get there? If train, I can pick up on evening or weekends from Northallerton or Middlesbrough. Northallerton is on mainline to London and nicer drive.
What can I do? Walks, seaside, historical sites, read (lots of books), watch films, dog stuff, board games, lego, cook, drink etc etc. Plenty of cycling opportunities, but I won’t be joining you (also won’t be getting any bikes in my car)
Anyone? So long as you have a couple of hundred posts over a couple of months on social board and aren’t a troll, sure.
Are partners / friends / dogs welcome? If well behaved and okay with hyper dogs, sure.
How many people? Up to 4 between 2 doubles. However 4 people will limit excursions due to small car and dog.
Any catches? Not a pretty village, road noise, damp problems downstairs, dog will steal your glasses/wallet/sanity. Also data restricted WiFi (2 to 3 of video streaming per day max really, but general use isn’t an issue).
How do I book? PM me.
How much notice do you need? At least three to four hours, ideally.
But why? Have spare rooms, live somewhere quite nice, DiSers are cool, bored. I mean, really bored.

I live on the edge (the actual edge - I could throw a tennis ball from my window to outside the boundary) of the North York Moors in a former mining village. It’s a 5 minute drive / 45 minute walk to Guisborough which is a fairly dull town but has reasonable facilities including some nice cafes and restaurants.

There are many walks from the village, including the Cleveland way. Below are pictures from walks starting from the door. I have grouped pictures from the same walks, although really you can connect the paths however you like

People are very welcome to stay whenever, but I may not be able to get time off work on weekdays. Happily, in addition to the various walks from the door, there are two bus routes through the village, with regular service into Guisborough (5 mins) and Whitby (35 mins). I can also do drop off or pick up before / after work if you fancy a linear walk, and in summer can do an evening walk or trip within a 30 minute drive. Here are some places within 30 mins (spot the one with stolen images lol)

On weekends or days off I am happy to head anywhere within an hourish or so drive from Guisborough, provided it is in a southerly or westerly direction. I am not, under any circumstances, driving further north than Middlesbrough. Okay places include e. g. Rievaulx, Helmsley, Leyburn/Middleham, Richmond, Byland, Kirkham, The White Horse.

As mentioned, it is a former mining village - stone cottages and old churches this is not. It two rows of fairly ugly terraces alongside the A171. As useful shorthand, this is Redcar and Cleveland, not North Yorkshire. To illustrate

Downstairs comprises porch, living/dining room, kitchen, yard with covered area (suitable for bike storage). Hoping to get damp area replastered and painted soon but no promises.

The first floor bedroom has a day bed that pulls out into a double. Has desk with printer etc.

The attic bedroom is the largest although does get the most road noise

If either the day bed or road noise are a problem, you can swap one out for my room.

Can’t think of anything else to add, but feel free to respond below or PM me. If I ever decide to stop this I’ll update to say so.

(Sorry if this is weird.)


did the raffle prize ever happen? yer man seems to have left dis now :slightly_frowning_face:


We’re in touch :slight_smile:

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To clarify, I am not paying for any non-raffle winners to eat at restaurants.


woah was that part of the prize as well? thought it was “just” a stay at the house which was mad generous on it’s own!

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Its not weird it’s wonderful and very generous of you!
I would love to visit sometime.
Definitely up for some lovely long walks and meeting your dog (if you’d have us).
I really enjoy cooking for people so I’d try to repay your kindness a bit by making you some nice meals and cake.


Have you considered putting your house on Airbnb to make some extra money? It looks a great house and location.

This is a wonderful offer and if work ever takes me over that way I would love to come and visit you.


This is lovely! I’d love to visit some day

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That would be incredible (Swype recorded that as ‘inedible’ at first which is very unfortunate).

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Colour me interested. Looks beautiful

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It’s not the kind of village people would choose to stay in around here if paying (couldn’t charge more than a tenner really which doesn’t seem worth it) and there’s too much work to be done to get the house into an appropriate state.

Just doing my bit to get tourist ££ into the Tees Valley haha.


Me and Mr DB would love to visit you

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try Hanratty’s Ear Clamps

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I wish my house was as tidy and cool as your house





only joking, I think this is an amazing offer, and I would be all over the opportunity to meet your hero of a dog if only I didn’t live at the other end of the country. Good on you!


What an absolute champion you are @wileycat

Would love to bring the kids up in the holidays, they would adore having a dog for a few days and all. Xx

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Not weird. Defo generous and accommodating. Very enticing pictures. And I did a chuckle at the “To illustrate” image. :smiley: (Which isn’t even bad at all, but I enjoyed the switch from the run of brochure-style images.) Looks like a lovely house, too.

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What an amazingly generous thing to do. People are so nice on these boards


Office Worker FYI bump.