🥦 Will it be a delicious Sunday?... Dinner Thread 23-02-2020 🥕

Hello friends!

What’s happening in your kitchen today?
Are you going out to a pub or restaurant?
Is someone else cooking for you?
Are you baking anything?
What’s for pudding?

Please show and tell us all about what you’re eating today, in this humble little thread :blush:


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Tis the season!


I will be making this…

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Roast chicken
Roast carrots/parsnips/onions
Roast potatoes
Spring greens

Apple crumble + custard

Wife is in charge because I’m at the football. Her parents are coming round, so her dad will inevitably complain there’s not enough.

  • Veggie roast dinner
  • Chicken roast dinner
  • Home made pie with roast trimmings

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Not really a fan of a chicken as a roast dinner. Prefer it with some chips or something like that.
Chicken just seems a bit too basic, a proper roast should be something more exciting like a nice bit of beef/pork/lamb.

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@tilty please can you share the recipe for the potato salad thing you posted yesterday? Looked really good!

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I like chicken roast a lot, get loads of flavour from all the trimmings! Stuffing, bread sauce, side sausages etc etc etc.
Trying to be mostly veggie these days tho…
(Sundays are the treatiest food day of the week in our house tho… No decadence spared)

Been having more and more veggie stuff in general, but never done a veggie ‘roast of sorts’ - what are the options?

Linda M sausages or the Linda M veggie bake.
Should try making a nut roast sometime but I’m not that keen on chunky bits of nuts in savoury food (apart from peanut/satay sauces).
I’m sure there’s probably a nice lentil roast recipe out there… probably involves bloody mushrooms though.

Chubby finger keeps pressing return too soon.


Mmmm yeah, that sounds lush! Thanks :blush:

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The whole book is full of inspiration and I love that the focus is on whole ingredients. While I’m enjoying being veganish, the temptation to just try and replicate meat or eat ‘junk’ food is strong. This is the antithesis.

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Is it the green roasting tin?

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It is :grin:

Ah you see nuts are an issue and sausages are a bit of a boring choice for a roast really.

Would sooner just do a big broccoli and leek gratin thing.

Do you have a recipe for that?

Not really. Make a nice cheese sauce (bit of Stilton in there), broccoli, leeks, bit of extra cheese. Shove it in the oven.

Ah, we make this a lot but with cauliflower as well as broccoli and leek bake and have it as a side on a roast. I’ve said in the past we should do it as an alternative to the meat sometime…

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Destroyed this for my lunch, beans in separate bowl to the side