Will it be a sunny Sunday?

Unlikely. I woke up half an hour ago. Today I need to do so many life chores and I really cba. What does Sunday have in store for you?

Morning tilts and future thread participants :wave:

Last day of half term! Haven’t taken R out once which I feel a bit bad about, but listening to the wind there is no way I’m changing that today. Might try some craft stuff with him if I don’t succumb to panic.

Made a mistake looking at the time when R asked if he could get in my bed and it was 5 instead of 6, let him watch god knows how much cbeebies on my phone while I drifted in and out of sleep because I just couldn’t stay awake yet.

How is it still this early.

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It’s just another stormy weekend innit

Heading out from lunchtime and leaving the baby with the TV’s parents for 24 hours for the first time. She is currently bursting into tears whenever they come into the room so hoping she acclimatises a bit before we leave… Assuming she holds it together we are going away for a belated anniversary dinner at Tommy Banks’s fancy gastropub in the north york moors.


Best ways to not make Sunday feel like just a day of not wanting to go to work tomorrow? Me and my bae usually go the park, but start getting that feeling around 4pm. Fuck doing a weekly shop before 5, too


Cant the storms disrupt weekday travel plans instead of turning every weekend into a bottle episode?

I’d love a legit day off work


Going back to bed.

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Morning. Very very little planned for the day. Fed up with the stupid wind and the stupid rain and being stuck in some kind of Groundhog Weekend

Feel like that is every weekend for me regardless of weather.


Also I’ve woke up feeling quite miserable so I hope that improves

Currently singing ‘dog walking’ to the tune of ‘jive talking’. I’m annoying myself TBH.


Dog walk
Pub lunch
Armchair snooze


When I have a solo weekend I end up staying up until half twelve / 1am, even though I know full well I can’t sleep past 7:30am these days. So I’m always exhausted. Ugh.

I have Monday to Wednesday off work so no dread here, sorry everyone

Weather is shit here (feels-like temp is 0c, also raining) in the NE as well. Gonna go see the Lighthouse today, probably something else as well. Sunday cinema double bills are one of my few good memories of being in London those two years and I rarely do them anymore.


The like is for the cinema double bill. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Also I’m in a weird but fortunate position of having leftover samosas today:

I was talking to Mrs CCB last night and she said she’d be well up for having a few DiSers over for dinner one time. It’s be easier if I didn’t live in Norfolk but it wouldn’t be impossible: last train back to London is just before 11pm, or there are places to stay over.


Turns out valerian root/Kalms is snake oil. Four quid down the drain.


Those samosas look delicious.


These look amazing.

I’m on my way. I’ll be with you in a few hours.


well now i need to find some samosas


Hiya tilts!

Wanted to take misty for a big forest walk, but the weather is so bad. If I’m feeling up to it my atd is having a mini wedding celebration for peeps who can’t come to the bigger do in May. I think seeing my friends would do me some good though.

Also ordered a massive dominos yesterday and have loads left :yum:


You know when you’re already dreading work on a Saturday night you’re in for a bad Sunday.