Will it be a sunny Sunday?

Monkey World


Got really angry and now my chest hurts.

Wish I had somewhere to go today :frowning:

Stupid fucking gout is back.

Going to be making a push to get painting the walls of my flat finished. Estate agent photographer coming on Wednesday morning, so being able to put all the painting stuff back in the loft and all the furniture back in place would be handy

Morning kids,

I was meant to be doing a photo shoot, which was already postponed from last weekend, but that’s been cancelled. I’m kind of relieved because we’re also out for a friends 40th at lunchtime and I was meant to be in both Brighton and Lewes.

After the shopping gets delivered I think we’ll go and watch a bit of Brighton Half Marathon, which goes past the end of our road, then we’ll head into town for birthday shenanigans at lunchtime.

It’s very windy isn’t it? I guess we can at least enjoy differentiating between the weekly storms - last weeks was a real potential flood danger to us, this one’s just blowy, what will next week bring? Got a kid’s birthday party to go to later, should be a nice way to end half term. Have good days, everyone

At work so that’s nice isnt it. However, I am drinking a warm, caffeinated beverage so all is not lost.

Off to the gym

Going to assemble an under-bed storage box then put some things in it. That’ll be my Sunday.

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Morning all!

We’re going to Halfords for a booster seat, a big grocery shop for food and possibly Jojo Mam and Baby to spend some vouchers.

After that, The Child is going on a play date and I’m marking some work.

We’re hopefully making crispy tofu tonight, which is really tasty.

Hanging. A task I would like to accomplish today is to go buy a suit for my sister’s wedding. Then I can come home and get a takeaway and not move for the rest of the day.

Currently the BBC is forecasting hail for next Saturday here

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Also I went to watch a basketball match with my parents last night because they’ve ‘gotten into it’ :man_shrugging:t2:

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Here as well actually, but no more big winds forecast here after tomorrow



Morning all.

Absolutely overjoyed to have little to no hangover this morning despite drinking several pints last night - I think the beer I was drinking was not that strong, clever me

Just had toast an coffee. Today will be music making and watching films

It’s a sunny Sunday here, and I’m on my way to work. Stayed up way later than I thought last night, and had at least one too many aperols considering I’m working today. There was someone cute there though and I’m only human.

Gonna order pizza in for work I think (can’t leave the premises to go pick something up until my shift finishes).

“A kermit passes every 14.4 minutes’


Think I’m gonna get a kermittime watch. Metric baby!


From Tiny Tim to GreviousTim in one fell swoop!