Will on Repair Shop's one of the best human-beings, imho.

All time good egg.


A Repair Shop thread! YES!

I agree wholeheartedly. He seems like a proper lovely chap.

I also have really warmed to Dominic, I like how he’s a bit awkward in the parts where they reveal the repair. Can tell he’s so much more comfortable on his own bending some metal or something.

But, as I said in another thread, I think Kirsten is my absolute favourite, love her!

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I’m completely in love with him

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Been watching a lot of these lately, because there’s fuck all else on the telly. The thing we’ve noticed is that watching a load in succession gives you a lovely fake feeling of achievement. You just watch hours on hours of things getting fixed, usually with absolutely minimal setbacks. Then there’s the time compression which is also very appealing. “Now I’m just going to brush each one of these fifty cogs with oil, one drop on each tooth” - real life time = one day, Repair Shop time = one scene. All very satisfying.

Personally my absolute favourite is Suzie. I reckon if I had to live another life then I’d be quite happy locked down in her leather dungeon, even though I’d probably have to share it with some horses.

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