Will the album survive

I’m a reluctant surrenderer to Spotify but I’m not sure how albums will continue in this environment of the world’s most extensive jukebox.

I’ve always seen albums as key components to building and securing money from fanbases, you have the album, merch and tour, and considering most (major) label contracts these days take cuts from all the above I don’t really see them going anywhere anytime soon (and contracts still seem to be based on album completion). When you look at today’s biggest artists, the one headlining festivals and booking stadiums, I can’t really think of any that are purely known for being singles artists.

I do think we have shifted from the traditional “album” though, seems labels are more willing to give artists freedom for non-album projects these days, EPs, mixtapes, etc (though, do wonder how much of it is to avoid having them count towards their contract).

I think the most interesting change over the last decade or so has been the change of the album campaign. Feels like these days they copy the J-Pop strategy of releasing all the singles/videos before the album, and then as soon as the album is released the campaign is over with the artist going on tour and working on their next one. Gone are the days of a handful post-album singles and music videos, most are lucky to get one song go viral (unless you’re Doja Cat) once the albums out.

…and really that’s just me talking about mainstream releases, smaller alternative acts will keep the spirit of the album alive for sure.

It’ll be okay in the end.


I think this might be the key point.

The album as work of art will always exist because people will want to create art that’s made up of smaller pieces.

On the commercial side, the album as collection-of-bits-of-product is a standard way of doing things that doesn’t particularly need to change.

The system is currently working for the labels - they’re making good money.

Many artists are being financial screwed but twas ever thus.

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So long as I’ve got anything to do with it, it will.


Interesting that the Lil Nas X album has been such a huge hit. If any artist wasn’t going to bother you’d think It would be them.

Even Drake must still see the benefit of packaging a bunch of songs into an album rather than just releasing a new song every few days.

About all the singles coming out before the album. Is this even the case with someone like Ed Sheeran where the old marketing ploy would have been singles for probably a year + to keep promoting the album?

Formatting on this makes it so unhinged to read

Like the start of Trainspotting


No original threads anymore is there?

No harm in doing threads more than once imo. Times and opinions change, different people are on the boards, new threads get more interaction than bumped old ones.

Just linked my one because it reminded me of that ridiculous thread I started ages ago.

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Will the thread survive


Now you’re calling me ridiculous :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


People have been saying the album is dead for at least 15 years now and it still seems to be doing ok so yeah I reckon


I like albums



Remember how in the mid to late 00s bands would claim they were gonna stop releasing albums and just release singles cos no one listened to albums anymore

Mainly Radiohead (who never followed through with it) and Ash (who did follow through with it but then compiled all their new singles onto two albums anyway and then went back to releasing albums again)

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But what about all those artists who said that albums aren’t dead, and then split up and don’t make any albums anymore?

You can prove anything with “facts”/

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I like to think of songs as ‘short albums’


I bought an album once; green it was.