Will the new 'It' be good?

  • Yes
  • No

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no ‘it’ won’t

Hoping for Theo to storm in and make a gag about data warehouses or something

Voted no, but don’t know what “It” is.

Depends on whether or not they put the orgy in

it’s a poll about whether the new “it” will be any good


and/or if it still turns out to be a fucking shitehouse giant spider again

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It will be shIt

Was the old one actually any good?! Not that I don’t love Tim Curry!

As a child the very idea of it freaked me out so bad. My sister told me about one scene, and I think she was just bullshitting for effect, but it terrified me so much I could never bring myself to watch it till I was a lot older. Most annoying thing was that it was recorded onto VHS with Wayne’s World after it, so I’d also have to chance seeing a bit of it while trying to find the start of the next film, which always filled me with dread.

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No, the old one was fairly shit. Tim Curry aside it is proper TV movie fodder.

Reckon the new one will be good. Also reckon the DiS hivemind will pick it apart finding reasons to hate it…

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I think it might have a killer clown in

It: revenge of the juggalos

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Neither the original TV movie or the book were any cop.

It might have been ok with just a nasty clown, but once it turns out that the Big Bad is an interdimensional space spider you throw the book across the room.

The new one looks far better than the TV version apart for the actor playing IT who seems miscast

Having only seen it as an adult: Nah, not really. Which is why I’m hopeful for this new one. Did really like the trailer.

Is it? What is it?