Will the vinyl renaissance last?

Wall of Jam. Great band. Loved their early stuff.

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people still do this with basically everything in south and i think east asia. i like the thriftiness of it

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As it’s CD to vinyl, I will allow it! :wink:

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This is very common in the comic collector circles, too. People will buy $100+ omnibuses and leave them in their shrinkwrap because owning a pristine, untouched book is more important than actually reading it. Hilariously this often bites collectors on the arse when they discover print defects/binding issues long after returns are possible or the book has gone out of print.

Long story short; remove the garbage from your media when you buy it.

My God yes. I can’t abide even leaving stickers and price labels on things. Can’t believe people leave them on. I had an encounter on Discogs with a buyer who only wanted to buy something if it still had the ‘hype sticker’ on. I didn’t understand what he was talking about at first but then discovered that there is a whole subculture of people who want records and CDs with the ‘includes the hit singles’ etc sticker still on them. Weirdos.

I bagged myself two Buttholes.

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I’ve just played LAT, it sounds excellent!

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I’ve not spun it yet but am very familiar with it and feel it’s their darkest album.

On Hairway To Steven they (Butthole Surfers) manage to sound both like R.E.M. and the most unsettling of artists this side of Whitehouse.

Locust is even darker. Hardcore Zappa. Glad to have these records back in my collection after decades.

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Not a vinyl buyer but that is pretty much the sort of thoughtful pricing and packaging I’d expect from Nils Frahm doing it for himself. Good lad.

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Agreed. Looks good to me and what everyone (much less majors) should be doing.
Antistat inners not being standard is so annoying.

The two Butthole albums have these inners and the records look fantastic.

Juggling Buttholes and Abba here, which is something I didn’t plan.




Sounds like someone’s having an eventful weekend!


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They are the 2 best Buttholes too!

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Absolute state of the pre-orders on this.

Not convinced the cereal renaissance will last tbh



they’ve been selling American sweets for the last year or so in my local one, cereals are a new development though