Will the vinyl renaissance last?

I’ve not spun it yet but am very familiar with it and feel it’s their darkest album.

On Hairway To Steven they (Butthole Surfers) manage to sound both like R.E.M. and the most unsettling of artists this side of Whitehouse.

Locust is even darker. Hardcore Zappa. Glad to have these records back in my collection after decades.

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Not a vinyl buyer but that is pretty much the sort of thoughtful pricing and packaging I’d expect from Nils Frahm doing it for himself. Good lad.

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Agreed. Looks good to me and what everyone (much less majors) should be doing.
Antistat inners not being standard is so annoying.

The two Butthole albums have these inners and the records look fantastic.

Juggling Buttholes and Abba here, which is something I didn’t plan.




Sounds like someone’s having an eventful weekend!


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They are the 2 best Buttholes too!

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Absolute state of the pre-orders on this.

Not convinced the cereal renaissance will last tbh



they’ve been selling American sweets for the last year or so in my local one, cereals are a new development though

The shrink wrap won’t protect it though. It’ll gradually shrink and (in a surprisingly short amount of time) fuck the cover up. I’d have a word!

Thought this was a satire about the HMV breakfast cereals and had a proper laugh.


I’m pretty sure these are significantly cheaper in Tesco’s.


HMV is absolutely trench tier

Used to pop into the Truro store as they’d occasionally have records for a tenner or so in the sale.


These are the limited editions though.

“Chocolate Coloured HMV exclusive”

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Thought they were turning it round for a bit there, the popular vinyl releases from your established acts were extortionate but your less popular indie stuff was more reasonable, but now the HMV here in Liv has just moved for the second time in 4 years and sells loads of sweets and that, pretty odd.