Will the vinyl renaissance last?

Fingers crossed this transpires with records.


Yeah, I saw the owner of a record label post a picture of a record that had been returned to him as the very corner of the outer sleeve was bent. Fair enough if you have spunked 3k on a rare Beatles mono edition described as Mint, but I can’t think many records released right now deserve that kind of perfection.

So this collecting/investment is has been getting silly.

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So in the first 6 months of this year I bought 30 new release albums

18 on vinyl (several of which came out a few months after the digital release and 1 will be here in October)

6 tapes. One was a compilation that was on vinyl but at a silly price so got the tape for 8 euros.

6 digital albums. 2 had tape releases but very ltd so missed out, 3 digital only release and 1 was digital or cd.

So still buying the bulk on vinyl but the combination of vinyl price increases, delays and artist discovery via bandcamp is definitely moving me away from vinyl significantly. If i was into more mainstream stuff where the trend seems to be for majors to charge £35+ I think I’d be buying cd’s.

great post

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TBH if prices are starting to settle on £30 then I reckon it’s time to lay low, invest in a decent streaming setup and wait for the market to sort itself out.

Once live music returns properly I can see things settling down a bit: money will move from excess vinyl purchases to getting out and seeing gigs.

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This is satire:

Good news:
A crash in vinyl sales may see a return to great albums and today’s rarities going super cheap in future. Start saving folks :smiley::+1:

Bad news:
All those rare LPs you crave and will buy second hand will be torn to shreds by Crosleys and similar. :pensive:

Would anyone be interested in a general rolling vinyl purchases thread? We’ve got this one and the bargain thread but not anything else that I can find.


We’ve also got the ripoffs thread too. Surely there’s no middle ground between the two?! I always struggle to buy something that I can’t justify mentally as a bargain…

How about things that you feel are worth the price but not a bargain as such?

The bargains and rip-off threads mostly contain links but I’m thinking of a “show & tell” type thread (can’t think of a less wanky way of putting that).


Yes, I feel there is a place for a thread like this.

Will the vinyl renaissance last? : Yes it will. It has weather a storm and people will always be interested in vinyl.

Although many rightly complain about some pricing of new releases / reissues, etc, truth is, if an album someone wants gets a fresh run of 1000 or something, this will always get interest. Record shops have adapted well.

Also, you can always, well not always, but you can find 2nd hand vinyl, in charity shops, at car boot sales, etc, etc. You do not get a much better feeling than arriving at a car boot sale early and finding a non dealer, someone just clearing out their shit, and spotting a stack of vinyl. Asking them how much are the records and hearing something like £1 each, then you start flicking and fuck these are decent.

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I’d be on for that. Vinyl acquisitions even, I inherited a load from my partner’s grandfather and can’t really show them off as I’m not DJ-ing ATM.

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How about a rolling vinyl acquisitions thread then?


Ah, I think you’re right, I’m just being facetious. That said, I did just get the Tomberlin debut for a tenner, which is lovely. I’d be up for a show and tell.

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I’m in. I love showing off my (mainly 2nd hand) purchases

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I’d start a rolling CD acquisitions thread but it turns out I’d be the only one posting.

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