Will the vinyl renaissance last?

Hmm, never thought of cashing in - although my records are mostly from just before that era as I switched to CDs like everyone else in the earlier 90s.

Just looked on Discogs and Three Feet High and Rising by De La Soul has a median sale price of £70. I’d quite happily sell mine on. Hmm…

The bubble is extremely close to bursting. We’re nearing the point we got to in the early 2000s when labels got greedy with CDs, started overpressing things at ridiculous prices, and consumers got sick of it.

Nearly all pop artists are now starting to do vinyl singles again – 12" and 7", in multiple different variations – as a way to boost chart sales and get income, and they’re priced for maximum profit. This is on top of artists now doing multiple colourways, variations, etc etc as a way to get better chart placements and replace live income. It’s pure greed, and pressing plants can’t cope – hence why it takes minimum 3 months to get something pressed nowadays.

Couple that with endless Record Store Days and major labels pressing any old shite they can find from their catalogue (bonus points if it’s Fleetwood Mac/Bowie/Stones) that clog up record racks forevermore as a way to get some quick cash from the boomer dad market.

I love vinyl but this sort of behaviour by labels is atrocious for the environment, will just lead to stuff getting thrown on landfill, and have a knock-on effect on smaller artists.


Hopefully this sort of stuff will end. But supporting an artist by buying the vinyl via bandcamp seems a good thing to do.

At the other end of things hmv, for example, actually has an excellent selection of records at 2 for £30 so good for kids getting into classics or gifts etc.

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This is spot on. I sold my original copy of Spiritualized’s Ladies & Gentlemen on LP for silly money a few months ago, and according to Discogs my Nick Cave records from that time are worth £50+ although the later pressings have never been scarce.

Reckon it will always be around tbh.
Bought my first LP In 2000 and that was probably around the absolute low point. Mind you it was considerably cheaper back then compared to other formats. Have loads of singles as they were a quid each and then a shop in Belfast opened with loads of catalog stock and priced them at 50p bogof - scenes! Crazy to see 7" singles for for 15 quid or more these days.
Probably don’t buy as many records as I used to but still get all my fave bands and any good deals. Wish RSD would fuck off now tho, see also labels like Dead Oceans and silly numbers of pressings.
Come join us in the ridiculous music bargains thread vinyl chums!

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I see the best Beatles related record of all time is getting a repress.


I’ve got an original - it’s My First ever record is that classic :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s lasted ten years already-ish. That’s when I started buying, around 2009.

Picked up a few good £1 7"s in Head back in the day, should have bought more

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Felt like I was stealing them at times. Got about 20 once for about 7 quid. Insane.
I have a stupid number of 7"s as a result of Head and a few big shop clearances and the general low price of them in the mid 2000s

I remember when they used to be a cheap option at the merch stand if you fancied chucking a band a few quid but didn’t have enough for an album or a t-shirt. Seems rare for them to be any cheaper than a CD now.


Yeah I used to do that for sure. Good way to get them signed too. If I’m going to see a band on tour shortly after their album comes out I usually hold off and buy the LP at their gig if poss. Gets them for £ too I guess.

Gaze upon my ten likes and disappear in shame, you mother


I got my records/player set up in my new place in January coz they’d spent 5 years at my ex’s, but this timing obviously coincided with lockdown etc so I’ve playing loads of my old stuff and buying more vinyl since then - my girls were amazed when I put the new Doves record on as they thought my vinyl collection = old music only (my oldest was asked at school recently to say something interesting about their dad and she said “he has a record player in his LOUNGE!” FFS more work needed here)

Also I think Ive been buying more because there are no gigs and having a record is an “event” unlike listening to Spotify and because, depending on how you do it, it’s a better way to get money to the bands you like. Like all the band shirts I’ve bought off bandcamp that I’m really too old to wear, honestly


I have a fair few records, so when I could afford it, I bought a decent record player, amp and speakers. I thought that would encourage me to play them more, but it really hasn’t. For better or worst, Spotify has completely changed my listening and I now rarely listen to an entire album.
I order new releases on vinyl, file them on the shelf and there they live happily, rarely disturbed!
Hope the price of vinyl at least holds. It does feel like it is treated as a commodity these days. Discogs has made people obsessed with the value of their collection.

Yeah Discogs has arguably inflated the price of second hand vinyl hugely - it really shouldn’t have as it made lots of product more available but sadly it seems so.

I said something about this in another thread over the last 12 months the median price of my collection on discogs has gone up massively as has the highest price but, slower.

Have a feeling 2 or 3 of the records I have, prices have gone through the roof.

Yes, same here. I’ve got Manics Lifeblood and PSBs PopArt on vinyl - never played either - and they go for silly money! Also the Lost In Translation RSD release from a few years ago. Crazy prices!

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I think it might last

my teenage daughter has bought several vinyl albums recently and her friends are into it …largely because of

but it got cancelled after one season so who knows

think the snobbery around it will continue but become ever more a bourgeoise pretence