Will the vinyl renaissance last?

RSD Exclusive : Original Cast Recording of the Mamma Mia stage musical - £49

Form an orderly queue people!

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Fuck it’ll not be long until the lists out.
Hope theres nothing decent on it, or at a push…something decent that is reduced to half price within a week.

Hmm… this is how the resurgence of vinyl was pushed 15 years ago and I totally bought it. I’m less convinced nowadays though. It’s a colossal faff to get a great experience from vinyl - expensive hardware, expensive records, and you need a record company that gives a toss and does a decent pressing.

95% of the time a CD’s going to sound better. 99% of the time a FLAC download’s going to be better still.

Find it really funny that audiophiles spend a fortune then end up listening to Sade albums or whatever it is they think has the best quality pressing.

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You make a good point but i think if you’ve taken the time and the expense to set up a turntable amp speaker combo you like and you’ve got a decent pressing of a record you love then nothing can touch it.

Its not in any way scientific and its easy to mock, “sounds warmer etc haha”, but i love my setup and i love listening to my records even if technically it’s not as "accurate " a reproduction of the sounds, it sounds how i want it to and makes me happy.


Yeah, sound quality has never been the issue for me. I recognise my relatively basic setup doesn’t sound as good as my digital copies, but it’s more the tactile experience that I love. Looking through the spines and cueing up a record. It feels very comforting and enjoyable.


I all but gave up CD buying about 20 years ago as I was commuting an mp3s were on the scene. Ended up getting a decent LP collection from buying them at gigs as a ‘nice thing to have’ and getting loads of mega cheap bargains as the nadir of vinyl buying hit.
Now I’ve finally got a pretty high end setup the stuff does sound amazing (was always good to great tbh)
Recently the vinyl of Automatic For The People actually blew my mind a bit with how MUCH better it sounded than ever before. Crazy stuff.
As @bruised_blood says the tactile aspect and comfort of it all is good too. Real nice to stick a record on and just chill out.


It’s Beatles and Macca albums, judging by the Hoffman forums.

I’ve got a ‘reasonable’ setup (Rega/Vintage Akai/ Mission), and to be honest I get just as much (if perhaps more) enjoyment listening to music streamed from my laptop to a pair of £55 Sony bluetooth earbuds as I do with vinyl.
I buy vinyl as I have a collecting itch that I need to scratch, that and my current particular kink, 70s/80s Japanese fusion records aren’t available digitally.

Pre-ordered the upcoming boygenius and Big Brave records this morning, both £35. Seems a new standard price point.

(That’s what the last 100+ posts I haven’t read have been about, right?)

Boygenius is £26 at Piccadilly Records

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and big brave is cheaper elsewhere…

@d_k where you buying from hun? Might be worth cancelling.

Yep, think I will do.

What other record can I get with the money saved?


its all personal experience at the end of the day. I listen digitally/from bandcamp/spotify in the day and when im walking the dog/out and about but absolutely prefer the evenings when i’ll listen to a record or two. If i put digital on then it just feels different and wrong whereas the whole experience is much better with vinyl (i know im a wanker)

I have a nice enough but in the scheme of it, very basic set up which works a treat

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do you like Husker Du? These are a bit like them but spanish and its only £12. Great record

With the assurance that I’m really not trying to be rude, I cannot understand paying this for albums at all, let alone ones you’ve not heard yet? What if it’s disappointing?


(It’s a reasonable point, already don’t buy anything from artists I don’t know well until I’m sure I like the album overall and should extend this even to stuff by artists I know I like, really. Kind of a shame, like the idea of some level of blind support for artists but not sustainable when records are consistently £25+)


Aye fair enough. I just… those prices :melting_face:

Like I’m considering spending slightly silly money on the dinked edition of the new Rozi Plain this weekend but I have at least been listening to it on Spotify all this week so I know I like it.

(It comes with a 2023 calendar designed by Rozi)


Never heard of it, where can I pay at least £35 for it, please?


Yeah I like the blind support ideal too, but that’s the type of thing I’d do for sub-£20 (like getting Robocobra in a recent sale, £17 and I still knew I loved at least one track on it)

Check my eBay store, but only from Monday.


It’s frustrating when album prices vary so much from shop to shop especially if you have to order online. Like I buy from hhv pretty often and mostly they are good value but the odd album will be expensive e.g. the Mogwai reissues are €10 more than anywhere else.

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